Our highly skilled operation team has years of experience in air freight, as well as strong relationships with the main cargo airlines. We are IATA members since 1946.


Through our strong relationship with global carriers, AEL Berkman has all the structure to achieve the best results in services of LCL, FCL, consolidation and all local FOB handling services. Our global partners also allow us to offer door-to-door solutions everywhere, regardless of what kind of cargo.


Courier and Ecommerce service : We study with our clients the best courier solutions for their parcels or ecommerce shipments.

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Salvadori Logistica

Badiali 1897 srl

Our subsidiary company "Badiali 1897" is a crating facility and makes all types of wood packages : pallets, cages and crates.

Casse in legno Badiali

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In the city of Bologna, our special service , will deliver your packages by car or scooter in less than an hour


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Got a question? Need a hand? A friendly voice is just a phone call away, anytime.

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Tropical fishes

We are specialized in handling live tropical fishes by air. We love animals and proud ourselves to be one of the few shipping experts dedicated to moving fishes around the world safely.

Trasporto pesci tropicali